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Zirconia blank

Upcera biological nano zircoina blank

Upcera biological nano zircoina is dental restoration material,certified by SFDA,ISO 13485,FDA,CE from national and international authoritative certifications .Radioactivity of Upcera zirconia passed the test of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention,lower than 0.02Bg/g,surpassed the ISO 13356(2008) international standard. It is the most populai and stable performance dental restoration material in Chinese dental industry.

At present,three series of Upcera dental zirconia products are launched.

(1)Upcera HT biological nano zirconia blank
(2)Upcera ST biological nano  zirconia blank
                                                                                    (3)Upcera ST biological nano  pre-shaded zirconia blank

CIP(Cold isostatic Pressing)molding-homogeneous structure

Step 1:Axial pressing                                                      Step 2:Cold isostatic pressing

       Molding                                             put the Zr blank a water container                       Clod isostatic press               The zirconia blank is press by even
                                                                          after Axial pressing                                                                                           pressure from every direction